I’m a freelancer who works in real estate, so it is key that I’m able to promote my activities and services easily to prospective employers.

These days, one of the best ways of doing that is by marketing your business through your own website. You may think that creating your own site is a complicated task, but it’s really not! Here’s my advice for starting yours! 😉

You don’t need to be an IT whizz to create your own website

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Advices to create your own website

There are so many different, easy-to-use platforms available such as Wix, a free wesbite builder or WordPress, a popular blogging site. If you’re not sure where to start, like I was, then search for videos on the internet. There are so many tutorials about informatic basics of html coding and search engine optimization (SEO) that will make your site stand out and get noticed.

Do-it-yourself and save money!

Creating a website may seem like a costly task, but if you do it yourself you will save a lot of money – in fact it’s basically free! The only part you may have to pay for is the web hosting. Asking a professional agency to do it for you could cost you up to a thousand euros!

My tips for a good website

  1. Write down everything you want included on your website before even thinking about starting to make it. It’s not a good idea to blindly go into creating it and then hoping that everything will just fall into place.
  2. Know what you want and suss out the competition. Make a note of sites you visit and what you like or dislike about them. This will allow you to take the best ideas and customize them to use on your own website.
  3. Finally, presentation is key. Good logos, graphics and an easy-to-use layout are fundamental to a successful website. The better it looks, the more visits and the more business you will get!

Now you have the tips and tricks, go create your site, and don’t hesitate to share your creations with me 🙂

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