Artificial intelligence is a science that is disrupting our daily lives. AI is practically useful in all sectors. Imitating human intelligence to perform tasks, what are finally the advantages of having an AI in your company. We will explain it all to you.

What is the AI?

AI is described as an automatic process that aims to imitate human intelligence, but better. It is a computer or autonomous program capable of processing large amounts of computer data, also called big data, by chaining algorithms. Its biggest asset is its thirst for automatic learning. Indeed, by processing data continuously, it learns progressively and improves continuously.

For many people, evoking the words “Artificial Intelligence” brings to mind images of humanoid robots. Don’t worry, the use of autonomous AI does not aim to replace humans. It simply significantly improves human capabilities. More than an option, this robotic technology represents endless possibilities. The technology improves business performance and productivity by leveraging data at a level that no human could achieve. Recently, a new form of autonomous AI has emerged: Machine Learning. In fact, predictive AI is based on data mining. It recognizes certain patterns that allow it to provide predictive analysis. If you want to know more about AI, World Ai Cannes organizes high-level conferences in which speakers from all over the world explain and debate their vision of AI and its challenges.

In which areas is it used ?

Artificial intelligence is used in many fields. For example, it has quickly found its place in the health sector. Its automation to decode data allows to diagnose and search for a treatment quickly. Another field where AI is very popular is finance. Its artificial neurons have the ability to collect information and improve customer relations by reducing the risk of errors. In industry, having robots connected to assembly lines reduces incidents and improves productivity. Finally, autonomous AIs are made available in after-sales services. Available at any time, able to inform and build loyalty, it is a real commercial asset. Moreover, if humans have to communicate with their natural language, it is possible to add a discipline to AI: the automatic processing of natural language.

What benefits does it bring to a company?

Doubled efficiency

Having robotic software that can perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your business is an asset. With its automation and in no time, AI can manage inventory, process documents, make decisions about customers. Plus, it ensures business continuity when you’re not around.

Improved decision making

Thanks to Machine-Learning, data calculations are even faster. Predictive AI can anticipate future business needs or events. This predictive system makes it possible to be prepared. The computer neurons are based on current and past information collected within the company.

Targeted and intelligent offers

An AI can collect data via applications or browsers. As a result, the company can then create advertisements or ads for a particular customer. Advertising platforms are constantly improving their algorithms to optimize their targeting.

Better equipped employees

AI allows you to strengthen the role of employees. Thanks to data recovery, your employees will now be able to better know their customers and anticipate their expectations.

Improved customer service

Used in commerce, especially in after-sales service, AI can now respond to customers. This is possible thanks to the Turing test. The Turing is a proposed test of artificial intelligence. If this test is passed, it means that the AI is able to answer like a human.

A real competitive advantage

Using AI and big data increases the overall performance of the company. The company has been shown to have a stronger customer relationship. In general, companies see their revenues double.


You get it, if you want to optimize your business, don’t hesitate and integrate an AI into your team.

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