The event Connected + is a premier event held on Toronto where one can learn and create connections with the best and brightest in IoT. It is usually concerned with home technologies, latest innovations and connected consumer devices. The event is held to enlighten consumers on the latest technological devices to use in their homes, as well as how to use these devices.

What is the Connected + Exhibition?

The event will be attended by 250 attendees who will be addressed by 60 proficient and bright personnel. The conference is meant to enlighten consumers on home automation, internet connection and the creation of explosive growth. As a result, consumers will network with IoT professionals, who will help them build the future of their industry. Also, consumers will engage with market leaders such as radialpoint and Mircom and Parks Associates.


Think about smart energy at the Connected + conference.

The themes of the conference

The Connected + conference is meant to address several themes to the customers. The themes consist of six learning tracks that include home automation, connected consumer, connected condos, smart energy, smart security and connected health. These themes are meant to improve your quality of life at home through the use of new technologically advanced equipments.

The speakers at the Connected + conference

Speakers at the Connected + Conference will consist of professional individuals from different sectors.

These include Jason Paris of parks Associates, Shiraz Kapadia of Invixium, Chric Kotting of USSNAP, Michelle Chibba of Independent, Ryan Shaw of Rogers, Diplock of Direct Energy, Emily Taylor of IDC Canada, Daniel Carr of Powerstream, Ohad Zeira of Verizon, Gimmy Chu of Nanoleaf, Sanjeev Kapoor of Ford Motors, Reza Kazemi of Piper, Shawn Chance of Nymi, Roy Perry of, Zayn Jaffer of Best Buy, Ted Maurucci of Tridel Groups of Companies, Fahran Haji of Direct Energy, Konkana Khaud of Frost and Sullivan, Elena Yunusov of Betakit, Daniel Koneta of MMB Networks, Ohad Zeira of Verizon, Mick Bhinder of IAMI Authentication, Brad Hintze of Control 4, John Packwood of Firstnorth and many more experienced personnel.

One Thought on “The Connected + Conference

  1. Patrushka Ivone on 25 June 2015 at 8 h 06 min said:

    Good morning,

    During the last Connected + Conference, I got the chance to be there, I talked to some of the speakers, all of there speaches where incredible, real pros in a pro conference. What else do we need ?

    Patrushka Ivone

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